Setting Effective Goals

Dec 11, 2023

Have you taken the time to reflect what you want for career growth in 2024? How about for your personal life? Do you have clear career and life goals?

Now is the time to start thinking about a successful 2024.

As writer and speaker John C. Maxwell once said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

And the first and most important step is to clarify your goals.

But keep in mind, that a weak goal generates weak results. Similarly, a goal you haven't thought through could deliver what you don't want.

Thus, it's important to set effective goals. An effective goal is a goal that

  • you really, really want - it lights a fire in your belly
  • is worthy of you
  • you can describe with clarity
  • will stretch you and push you to grow
  • is so big that you don't know how you'll get there

And the purpose of setting goals is for one reason only: for your growth.

Not knowing how you'll reach your goals means you'll have to step into a bigger version of yourself!

Ready to get a jump start on your 2024 goals?

You may enjoy listening to Start Achieving What You Dream of in 2024, my conversation with Kimberlee Davis of The Fiscal Feminist Podcast:

Stephanie Hessler is a High Performance Coach. She helps high-achieving corporate leaders and business owners who want to rapidly advance their careers and create a vision others want to follow, but have hit a roadblock. Therefore, Stephanie guides her clients through a transformational coaching journey called the BLISS Accelerator to turn their goals and dreams into reality. Previously, she worked in the investment business, including on Wall Street, for sixteen years. She earned her MBA at The Wharton School and her BA at Wellesley College. 

Ready to play a bigger game?


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