How to Manage Your Stress

Nov 13, 2023

Are you often feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Wondering how you can feel more ease and harmony?

In today's fast-paced world, learning to manage stress is crucial for your well-being.

According to the World Health Organization: "Stress can be defined as a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation." (1)

Stress is a normal reponse to challenges and threats in your outside world. It becomes problematic when it lingers and becomes chronic. Self-care is essential for stress management.

And one of the self-care activities I find most helpful is to write my thoughts and feelings. Writing helps me to gain clarity and look at things objectively. It helps with calming my mind. Then I can tap into the power of my mind and look for solutions.

The truth is: it's not stress that hurts you, it's your reaction to it. And by writing your thoughts and feelings, you can gain new perspective.

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another," said William James.

And if feeling overwhelmed is an issue for you, you might enjoy this video message:  



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Stephanie Hessler is a High Performance Coach. She helps high-achieving corporate leaders and business owners who want to rapidly advance their careers and create a vision others want to follow, but have hit a roadblock. Therefore, Stephanie guides her clients through a transformational coaching journey called the BLISS Accelerator to turn their goals and dreams into reality. Previously, she worked in the investment business, including on Wall Street, for sixteen years. She earned her MBA at The Wharton School and her BA at Wellesley College. 

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