Make Your Quantum Leap in 2021

Are you ready to have a breakthrough and actually reach your goals in 2021? Does the idea of feeling like you "finally made it" sound appealing, but you don't want to sacrifice the life you dream of?

Are these difficult times focusing you to re-think your vision as a leader? Have you got amazing talent and experience, but feel like you're not advancing your career and compensation to levels worthy of you?

What is the 5-Day Quantum Leap Intensive?

The Intensive is a proven strategy to get you on the right path to rapidly advance your career, increase your compensation, and become the leader others want to follow.

Stephanie Hessler, Performance and Mindset Coach, will guide you to create a roadmap to your greatest success in 2021 and beyond.

Dates:  Monday, March 15th through Friday, March 19th, 2021

Time:  12 pm EST, LIVE daily for 30 minutes 

Where:  Stephanie Hessler's Private Facebook Group.

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During the Free 5-Day Intensive you’ll learn to:

  • Clarify your goals, a critical step towards creating the results you want

  • Build awareness around your dominant thoughts and beliefs, and other habitual patterns

  • Replace your current thoughts with “success consciousness"

  • Build a daily practice that supports you in achieving your goals

  • Change your mental programming to set you up for success

Meet Stephanie


I am Stephanie Hessler, Performance and Mindset Coach, and I help high-achieving leaders rapidly advance their career and create a vision others want to follow. I’m the founder of The BLISS Method, a 5-step process for powerful personal transformation. I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of individuals to higher levels of achievement.


My certification is from the Proctor-Gallagher Institute, one of the world’s premier organizations dedicated to personal growth. Previously, I worked in the investment business for 16 years, including almost 10 years on Wall Street. My undergraduate degree is from Wellesley College and I earned my MBA at The Wharton School.


During the intensive I will draw on success and mindset principles from my years of study, facilitation and application.

What others are saying


“Words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I have in my heart for what the “Thinking into Results” program and Stephanie Hessler’s coaching has done for my confidence and belief in myself. Some people merely dream of their achievements. Thanks to this program I am the star on my life stage and living what it is I really want. I’ve gained discipline, awareness, and more importantly that I am bigger than my paradigms. I will continue to use the materials to grow into being the best version of myself.”  – L.


“I spent over one year in the Thinking Into Results program under the tutelage of Stephanie.  During that time my confidence increased tremendously when I was able to attain results with Stephanie’s enduring encouragement.  Stephanie is a wonderful, caring, intuitive coach.  She helped me achieve my goal, with her positive guidance and understanding.” – J.


“Thanks again for all your support Stephanie! Your workshops have been enormously helpful in helping me be proactive in figuring out and pursuing what I want — in my career and personally. I feel more empowered and more confident than ever.” -B.